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Here is what our current clients think about Turner Security Services:

"We have a very good working relationship with Turner Security and we know Ed (Turner, President) is never far away if we need him."

"Our Site Manager is great.  We know that Turner Security has our best interest at heart."

"We have a good group of guards and have had for the seven or eight years we've been with Turner.  The guards, like management, take ownership in our facilities."

"Turner Security is expeditious in their response to problems and their willingness to partner with us has helped us reach our goals."

"We are thrilled with (the Site Manager) and the great job he is doing and the guards have a nice rapport with tenants and visitors." 

"I get comments from tenants saying how much they appreciate the (Turner staff's) service and attention."

"Turner Staff is recognized by all for proactively overseeing the facilities and are not just sitting behind a desk."